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The core principles of Transactional Analysis rest on the assumption that people are born OK, and that people can change. When the stresses of life seem overwhelming we can understand and change our patterns of communicating and thinking resulting in personal empowerment and a potential for healthy relationships.

The TA 101
Covers the major principles and core concepts of the theory and practice of Transactional Analysis. An internationally recognised Certificate is awarded by the Institute of Transactional Analysis (ITA) on completion of the course, and is a stand alone course as well as a pre-requisite for entering accredited training in TA counselling and psychotherapy.

By incorporating the syllabus into a personal development group over six half days we will be encouraging participants to use the concepts on a practical level.

Come and join us in an exciting journey of discovery where you will be introduced to the main concepts of TA. The course will include concepts such as Ego States, Psychological Games, Life Scripts, Conflict Resolution, Group Dynamics and more

Mo Felton introduces her model for effective attachment parenting and
staff supervision in residential settings

TA Downloads.

Restorative Theory in Practice: Insights Into What Works and Why: Amazon.co.uk: Belinda Hopkins: 9781849054683: Books

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